Our Reviews

everything and everything about it it's good. definitely is a great event. highly recommend.

Mopar Lou

Great event! My son loved every bit of it! Everyone that I met was very polite and respectful and great all around place. Plan on going back every year!

John Leiby Jr.

Awesome show, made a quick drive up from
Allentown today to check it out, looking forward to bringing our Wheels of Time members with next year to enjoy the entire weekend. Thanks for the good times!

Kevin Bachman

This is not " just " a show, this is a total immersion experience throughout the weekend!!! Hint, the fun is already in 3rd gear by Friday!!! Plan to be there!!!

Pamela Hirschhorn

This was the 1st year we attended. All I can say is WOW!.My family and I had a great time.The price was well worth it for the weekend.Even though we weren't at the Sheraton,the Courtyard Marriott was very accommodating and clean. We are on the waiting list for the Sheraton. We had friends come up on Friday with their 57 Chevy and they had an awesome time.We can't stop talking about it. We had attended Lead East on Sunday and it cost us 65.00 to register and park out regular car for a few hours and I will never do that again.The 70.00 that you guys charge for the weekend is well worth it.Looking forward to next year already.

Joseph Manna

best year yet #thunderally was amazing and the quality of show cars was amazing also
cant wait for next year

Ryan Deflumere