Ed "Mad Hawaiian"


"Midnight" Mario


"Big" Marc

English Rich

Andy "Wick"

Jim "Zuul"

Started project: 2001
Body: 1926/1927 Ford Model T
Bed: Ford Model A Shortend (approx. 2')
Frame: Ford Model A, boxed and zeed
Front Axel:1932 Ford
Rear: Late 30's Ford Banjo, 3.78 gears
Transmission: Mid 30's Ford 3 speed with torque tube
Engine: 1952 Lincoln 317 with Edmunds two pot Holley 1900 series carbs
Covers: Lincoln Continental

Distributor: Mallory YC Dual Point
Brake Drums: 40' Ford
Wheels: Radir
Dash: Narrowed '40 Ford
Steering Wheel: 1951 Lincoln Battery: 6 volt system

Larry Fischer

Photos Coming Soon

Mike "Chicken Wire"

Mike Hickey

Danny "C"

Johnny "bel air"

Butch Patrick "Eddie Munster"


Mark Glaz