About Us

About Us

Dead Man's Curve Custom Machines Car Club was established in 1978 by three founding members: Keith Adams, and Ed Stinson. There are presently 17 DMC club members, ages ranging 40 to 72, with each and every member owning multiple cars all totaling about 70+ impressive hot rods.

Unique not just describes the custom machines they create, but the fact that they are also like a big family who shares the same passion for cartoon hot rods.

Club members produce at least one or more hot rods each and every year. Every member has their own unique styled Street Freak hot rods, from straight axles, monstrous motors, and cartoon cars with attitudes.

Cars ranging from Rat Rods to full award-winning customized show cars. Also inspired by such movies as Hot Rods to Hell, and 1960's era TV shows such as The Munsters, Batman, The Monkees...

These guys make a statement wherever they go... and leave an everlasting impression!

DMC has a HUGE fan base which has exploded over the years to the point where it even exceeded DMC club members expectations.

DMC club members stated that their successes for being together for over 40 years is because...

"We are FRIENDS first, before we are CLUB MEMBERS..."

Jeff Bornstein - Johnny Belair - Michael "Chickenwire" Nalavany - Danny "Danny C" Colicchio
Mario Colasuonno - Jim Crozier - Larry Fisher - Rich Green - Dave Hanley - Mike Hickey - Scott Poppelwell - Bill "Popawheelie" Poppelwell - Ed "Mad Hawaiian" Stinson - Andy Wickenheisser - Marc Hickler - Butch "Eddie Munster" Patrick

Andy Wick

(seen here with Dennis Gage)
Montville, NJ

Married to Kim (Also a Club Member )

Job: Wick Services Inc.

Ed, and Keith Adams formed Dead Man's Curve in 1978 and the guys have grown the club into an East Coast Institution!

Dead Man's Curve has an undeniable presence at any car event where they appear. And their raucous and rowdy behavior ends up in a good time wherever they go.